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Babies, Children and Teens

The management of young skin provides a unique set of challenges. From baby eczema to persistent teenage acne, each case is unique and its management should be tailored to the individual. Learning how to treat our skin with care from a young age provides the building blocks for a healthy relationship with our skin as adults. 

Mumsnet Eczema tips for babies and children

What is Eczema?

Baby & Kids Skin

I share my expertise and management tips for children’s eczema with the UK’s most popular parenting website Mumsnet.  As a leading dermatologist and a mother of a child with eczema, I know all too well the challenges of managing the skin condition, with extensive professional expertise in this area. Skin problems in babies and children need approaching with extra care, these are some of the most common challenges we face.

Baby safe products

Sunscreen for kids

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"My skin is getting me down. I can't cover my spots with makeup, and everything I try seems to make it worse"

I see so many younger patients in clinic who are just exasperated with their skin. When nothing seems to work, and even covering your spots with makeup seems to mark them worse it is so hard to know where to start. For those of you who wear make up daily, finding a rhythm can be hard, particularly with the added difficulty of acne or eczema. We can assess your skin together and make a plan to manage it long term. Identifying and eliminating triggering products and helping you to achieve radiant healthy skin.

Teen skin

Adolescence is a particularly challenging time for your skin. I am frequently called on for my advice on how best to manage inflammatory skin problems. Recommended by Tatler as the ‘go to’ dermatologist for adolescent skin concerns. Offering practical help and advice to help you understand your skin better including how to optimise your skin care routine, advice about key ingredients to help balance your skin, and prescription treatments to soothe and calm skin conditions to allow ‘skin confidence’.

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